Partner in advises
Don Pepe is the Mediterranean food broker par excellence, the intermediary, the shock absorber among trendy trend-sensitive products from producers from Southern Europe and customers in Northern Europe, including catering, food service, retail, and production companies. Your company must be the first to have such a trendy product, that is our starting point.

Don Pepe knows every new trend through more than 25 years of experience in bringing together innovative Mediterranean food products from the producer to the wholesaler and retailer. Don Pepe can be found regularly in Southern Europe to keep in contact with producers personally and at trade fairs and to stay up-to-date on their products, innovations and production possibilities. Don Pepe wants to stay ahead in the range of new Mediterranean products.

Your Gains
The reason to choose Don Pepe as a partner is, of course, saving time and energy.
A food broker like Don Pepe with many local and international contacts with producers, wholesalers, and retailers is of course much more effective than having to come into contact with representatives of every potential provider. So if you are looking for a specific product from Southern Europe, Don Pepe can also help you find a reliable production location! Because of his enormous network and experience, Don Pepe helps with advice on assortments, setting up concepts with suitable production locations, to develop the trend with you!

Original in business
Don Pepe helps you find the right solution if you are looking for products and/or services that allow you to distinguish yourself in your market. Because it is all about being distinctive, being innovative and above all, daring to be different from the others! Original in business, Don Pepe stands for that!

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