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Niasca Portofino
From the beautiful Porto Fino on the coast just below Genova, the tastiest and hippest drinks for in between, or as an aperitif. A top look with a different color cap on each bottle! Perfect for catering and distinctive for home…  read more

The most beautiful pesto types produced in a traditional way with, among other things, DOP basil and also Vegan pesto …. Salsa tartufo and Sugo tartufo, mmmm delicious as an ingredient for over the pasta... read more

Authentic producer of various salami varieties, the hits of the moment Nduja, a spicy salamis spread and the Culatello di Zibello, the tastiest ham in the world…
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From Utrera, just below Seville where a wonderfully hidden restaurant is located in the center of the village, these authentic gourmet mini Bequette’s are baked, unlike any others… read more

I Pani
I Pani is located in Chiusavecchia , in the hills of Liguria, home of valued quality products “Made in Italy” such as extravirgin olive oil, basil and many other typical herbs… read more

In Udine, eastern Italy, Sitta produces high-efficiency bricks “Il Faggetto” made from 100% beech wood, especially for pizza ovens! read more

Obando's picos- Partner van DonPepe

Obando’s special mini Baquette.

The authentic gourmet mini Baquette’s from Utrera, Spain, is unlike any other… Read more

Nord Salse Vegan - DonPepe

All about vegan: Nord Salse Vegan Pesto

All natural, delicious, authentic and healthy, what more do you want as a vegan? Read more…


Delicious, with a top look and every bottle, has a cool, different color cap! read more…