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Richard Peper
Richard Peper is the founder and director of Don Pepe. Richard comes from a retailer family and his father had one of the first delicatessen stores in Amsterdam. Together with his father, he was the first in the Netherlands to start importing olives and that has been broadened to an extensive range of Mediterranean products.

Mission Don Pepe
Richard believes that articles must be produced where they originally come from. Dried tomatoes from Italy, olives from southern Europe. You get the pure taste, emotion, and culture in it. You also taste the difference. It does not have to be more expensive, because if you see the consumer prices, it is not that bad at all. It is the mix of authentic, the niche, the best ingredients and all that for a good price. “Besides that I simply enjoy it, I have a mission and that is that I want to educate the consumer in the Mediterranean cuisine.”

Production partners
Richard works with his own production partners, mainly family businesses from Southern Europe. These family businesses must be able to offer sufficient volume, meet the quality requirements and of course have the required certificates. But the most important thing about the product is the taste, authenticity, and soul that it contains, and on this basis, he wants to take the market a step up in quality.

Richard Peper - Founder DonPepe

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