Sinisi, product partner of Don Pepe.
The countless types of olives and the varieties of these produced at Sinisi are given here the deserved attention.

Sinisi was founded in the mid-fifties and has grown nationally and internationally, but the family still retains his original values and traditions. Experience, professionalism, and use of the best products have ensured that Sinisi is at the top of national and international producers.

Pickled green olive “Belle di Cerignola”.

Pickled pink olive “Baresane”.

Pickled black olive “Geata”.

Baked black olive.

Black olive table.

Unpotted black olive.

Greek black olive.

Pickled black olive “Leccine”.

Pickled green olive.

Slices of green olive.

Stuffed green olive.

Greek green olive.

Spicy green olive.

Crushed spicy green olive.

Pickled capers.