Sitta, product partner of Don Pepe.

In the far east of Italy, in Udine where much furniture is produced, at Sitta, the bricks are produced “Il Faggetto” especially for the pizza ovens and 100 percent beech wood in a specially patented form!

Sitta Il Faggetto.
Especially for Pizza ovens, 100% beech wood.

Sitta Fioretto.
Hyper compressed bricks made of 100% beech wood.

Sitta Calorpan.
Bricks specifically for bakers.

Sitta Fioredibrace.
Wood-based as a substitute for charcoal for the BBQ.

Sitta Accendifuoco.
To quickly light the wood in the oven.

Sitta a Pampuglia.
Specifically for the preparation of very high-quality Pizzas.